Contract manufacturing and services

Your goal – our task. Your success – our motivation.

Our company offers ample opportunities for the production, the development of individual formulations, packaging, storage and processing of your product. Our priority is to support and guide the client throughout the entire cooperation process. Therefore, we not only fulfill your order, but are also always ready to help you with registration of permits and other issues.

We also optimize the process of the entire supply chain, and offer optimal and individually tailored solutions. To ensure fast and quality realization of your order, we have two handling terminal and a private railway line.

Development of individual formulations

In our modern and technically equipped laboratory, we can develop and optimize formulations for paints, detergents, perfumery and cosmetic and other products at your request.

Anytime, our team of highly qualified specialists is there to offer a consultation on the use of all types of modifying additives, and to help to find and develop new products.

With our equipment we can:
Carry out
Carry out an input quality control of raw materials
Test products
Test products for compliance with the declared parameters
Test the quality
Test the quality of products at all stages of productionОсуществлять входной контроль качества сырья
Packing and Sorting
Bottling of liquid and geltype products in packages/ containers ( from 0.1l to 1000 l )
Packing of bulk products in multilayer valve and polypropylene bags (from 15 kg to 25 kg)
Tableting and packaging
Tableting and packaging of various chemical products
Processing, Modification and Disposal
Modification, processing and disposal of waste solvents and alcohols
Modification, production and bottling of organic solvents
Recycling and disposal of Hazard Class 3 chemical wastes
Covered air-conditioned storage space
Covered air-conditioned storage space
Heated storage space
Heated storage space